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Sheet to Sheet
Tying from both sheet to sheet for sized warps, selection by selector needles which are designed very Finely for eachcount range and is provided with adjustable spring loaded firmadjustment so that no Double ends are picked up while knotting.
Technical Data :
Tying Speed              :
Main Connections   : 
Voltage                      :
RPM                           :
Amp Current            :
Watts Input              : 
Drive                          :
Type of yarns          :
Range                       :
Minimum 60 knots to Maximum 600 knots. Depending on the type and condition of warps.
Lighting Plug 220 V. 15 Amp.
7000. (on. full load)
Ball Bearing to both the ends, fan cooled.
Cotton and mixed yarns, nylon, filaments and silk yarns, high twisted yarns, worsted, carded Spun and blends.
30 Din. to 3000 Din 110's to 4X6's counts cotton.
C-Tex- A High Speed Quality Performer :
Our machine are most suitable to the Indian Textile Industry and the workers find it easy to handle our machines under Indian Mill Conditions. The machine is of simple design, its components are easily interchangeable with the machines of our competitors, hence there Is no need to increase the inventory. Since we manufacture the components, we can supply all the spare parts for your knotting machine on Ex-Stock basis and our rates are Most competitive. It is need less to state that we can not only offer after sales service for machine, but Also can attend to your present machine and repair them to your satisfaction.
Application :
C-Tex not only is a high speed quality performer, it alsogives unlimited working range. It ties almost all Materials & all type ofyarnwool, cotton, silk, filament linen or synthetic- worsted or woolen yarn,single Or twisted broad or narrow fabric looms. With any method right atthe backrest or on the loom with Healds, reed & droppers readily drawnthrough or away from loom shed on a stationary stand.
Maintenance :
C-TEX Tying Machine is Constructed in Three Main Parts Knotter Group & Selector Group & Driving Unit, Which Can Be Separated in Minutes For Necessary Repairning, Servicing and Replacement Of The Parts, By Its Fully Enclosed Housing it is Protected From Dust.
Modular change :
The C-TEX Machine incorporates easyinterchangibility of knotting methods by changing group modules From oneto another. The change over from sheet to sheet to lease module takes justa few minutes. The change over does not require any fitting or require anyfitting or removal of any individual parts or Resetting is required, but onlychange of module. This results in less wear of selection unit and Henceconsumption of spare parts reduces.
Productivity :
Our machine C-TEX can complete knotting of one beam,which includes dressing, knotting and drawing ends through reed inapprox. 20 to 45 minutes for normal width of beam and numbers of ends tobe knotted. The machine is electronically controlled to run with indefinitelyadjustable speed for 60 to 600knots per minutes, depending on countrange, material, warp condition and operator's skill.
Dressing Stands :
Wide range of dressing stands are manufactured byus and be supplied in various widths and height to suit yourrequirement.Ourrange consists of looms widths from 48" to 95". While selectingwidthplease keep extra margin of 3" in width than actual weavers beam width.Our Dressing Frame has provision toadjust to the height to suit backrestheight of your loom.

C-TEX Dressing Frame are manufactured From Special Aluminium Alloy, By Extrusion . This Process Gives High Lavel of Dimensions, Light Weight as Well as Strenth, Proper Grip, Long Life And Easy Oparation While Dressing. The Hight and Width of Frame is Adjustable to Suit Various Types of Looms. The Design is so Sturdy That There are no Knotting Faults.

Training & Service :
We Will Provide Full Training to Your Operators And Dressers to Operate The Machine After Supply and We are Sure Your Operators Will Be Able To Run The Machine Without Any Problem. Our Engineers Fully Trained to Open and Assemble The Machine And are Experts in Trouble Shooting.
After Salse Servige :
We Provide Excellent After Sales Service and Our Engineers Will Visit You Regulary. IN Case of any Breakdown or Problem On Machine We Will Deput Our Engineers Promptly. We are also Equipped With Qualified Engineers to Attend to Your Problem on Present Machine and Repairs of any kind Can be Undertaken by us at Competitive Rates.
Guarantee :
All Our Products are Guaranteed For a Period of one Year From The Date Ot Supply Any Manufacturing Defects any Defects Is Found We Eill Replace it Free of Cost.
Warp Tying Machine (Sheet to Sheet)
Warp Tying Machine (Lease to lease) Warp Tying Machine (Knotting Machine)
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